On Kindle and Smashwords, Immortal Syn 2: Blood White Roses

Immortal Syndicate 2: Blood White Roses finds Thorne Templeton’s maverick Regulators caught up in another incendiary battle against moth runners and kidnappers! When a mysterious nocturnal relic threatens humanity and nocturnals alike, the Regulators and ImmSyn join forces in a explosive battle against a common enemy! 

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High School Sociopath

Platinum, perky Sherri seems to be an average high school girl with dreams of one day becoming a Hollywood movie star, but her façade is shattered when the mysterious counselor at her new school tells her that he knows her secret–she’s a sociopath on the run! High school pressure was never like this as Sherri juggles curriculum during the day, killers at night, the bewildering complications of having friends, and a sexy stalker with a hidden agenda of his own.

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On Kindle and Smashwords, Immortal Syn!

The freshest competitor in the rejuvenation arena is a clandestine syndicate breeding a rare, subterranean, African moth carrying a catalyst capable of biologically mutating one in ten thousand humans, creating a long-lived race of physically superior humans called nocturnals who sacrifice their daylight to feed upon the life energy of the people around them. In the United States, Prohibition returns in 2021 as moth bosses breed and deal the fragile insects, and energy bootleggers steal and distribute the life energy of innocents. The President commissions a special task force attached to the FDA, the Nocturnal Regulations Bureau, in an effort to stem the tide of lawlessness and death.
Thorne Templeton, whose family was murdered by members of this new, immortal syndicate, leads the offensive with his team of Regulators, unearthing leads from gritty streets to the Art Deco nightclubs of Tacoma, Washington. He is bringing his battle to an immortal entity willing to expend firepower and countless human lives to destroy the Regulators and deliver him to hell.
But Thorne was destroyed years earlier. And the Regulators have already seen hell.
All they want is to share the pain

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The Wellspring

Earth has become a world of magic and mystery where the magically powerful battle politically to control the fate of all spell-casters. Yule Fiori, a spell-caster of limited ability, is caught between a man she desires who doesn’t notice her, a powerful politician who wants her for dark purposes of his own, and a mystery that killed her parents and could save–or destroy, the world.

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Stars In Thrall

Time and space are conquered by a galactic corporate entity. The fee for admission to the Galactic Union? A percentage of the dominant sentient beings of each planet seeking membership. Stolen from the past, they become slaves in the present–and Earth willingly pays the price of membership to reap the rewards of a Galactic presence. Senior Thrall Trader Sattyn, a fiercely independent woman of Earth who built her career on the strength of her word, is torn out of her profession, life, and the arms of the man she loves by an unexpected betrayal. From Thrall Trader to a pirate seeking fabled treasure, Sattyn fights to find her place in a merciless Galaxy seeking to enslave her!

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Remember Love

Released on October 30th 2013, Remember Love, a story of romantic suspense.Bay Camber, successful owner of a dude ranch, rode away from her ranch in the middle of the night and suffered an accident that robbed her of her memories. Now, as she struggles to remember her friends, and the man who claims to love her, she will follow a dark trail back to the night of her accident. And stalking every step are secrets she must reveal, and the danger from which she fled. Will death catch up to her before she can remember the love she forgot?

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